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McLean & Forte Partnership are an independent provider of architectural and principal designer services to the construction industry.  This notice explains how we store and use personal data collected, for example when:


  • We tender a project

  • We acquire the services of a supplier

  • We are engaged by you for a service


Personal Data Collected


We retain personal data from Clients, Sub-Consultants and other companies with relevance to the construction industry to fulfil our needs.  This data will include Name, Address, Telephone Number and Email Address.  This data will be placed on our system and will be under regular review.  We will never sell this data onto third party organisations.


The undernoted table outlines the data held, why they are held and who has access:


GROUP                       PERSONAL DATA HELD                      USAGE                                                        SHARED WITH

Client                         Name, Address                                    Communication, Invoicing and                Within the office and with sub-consultants

                                   Email address,                                     Contract Documentation                          involved in project.

                                   Phone Number

Sub-Consultants,      Name, Address                                   Communication in relation to                   Within the office, Clients when needed

Suppliers etc             Email address,                                   project. Contract Documentation

                                    Phone Number                                   

                                    Bank Details                                       Payments through BACs transfer             Accounts only

Employees                 Name, Address                                  Communication in relation to Pensions,   Partners only

                                    Email address,                                   PAYE and HMRC

                                    Phone Number   

                                    Bank Details                                                                                                              Accounts only

Use of Personal Data


We will use this data solely for the purpose of contractual obligations and will not impact on your rights, freedom or interests i.e.


  • Contractual Obligations

  • Provision of fee proposals for tender

  • Reference Forms for feedback

  • Highlighting information about our services


Sharing of Personal Data


All staff will have access to only specific data held on our system to ensure efficient delivery of service.  All our computers are password protected user accounts.  We will use other suppliers to deliver services on our behalf i.e. sub-consultants, statutory authorities etc).  The third party would then be responsible for securing and administering all data in accordance with their Data Protection Policies and the GDPR.


Where we use these suppliers, we will still control your data to ensure it is protected. In addition, some information is stored in on cloud-based server which is password protected.


Employee data is stored on a cloud-based accounting software and access is restricted to the Partners/Accounts Personnel.


Retaining your Information


We will retain your data in line with our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Management System for a period of 12 years.


Updating your Information


You can contact us at any time to access your data and to amend if necessary.  This policy was implemented in May 2018 and will be under review as part of Data Protection guidelines.


How to contact us


Questions, comments and requests should be addressed to:


McLean & Forte Partnership

37 Malone Road



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